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Global expansion
ISBN 3-87156-231-9

After a short introduction into marketing the special characteristics of international marketing are discussed, the thematic and methodic differences are systhematically explained. Beginners can learn about this interesting professional career and experts will find many practical hints through all the experiences of the author.

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Business negotiating
ISBN 3-87156-228-9

Many business men are experts for their products but don't take the time to get to know and train negotiation techniques. This book describes the basics and skills need for successful business in internationaal trade. You learn who to negotiate successfully and are prepaired to handle different negotiating types you encounter in different countries.

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International trade contracts - not only for lawyers
ISBN 3-87156-229-7

For many business men international sales and other contracts stay complex and not understandable but they can't leave it just to the lawyers alone. In this book the delivery and payments conditions, rights and obligations for partners to a contract and checklist before signing a contract. The Incoterms 2000 are integrated. You will also find sample contracts that can be adapted to individual cases.

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From d
okumentary export business to the net
ISBN 3-87156-230-0

This book is a extensive guide through all common forms of payment and financing export business - from documentary business to cybermoney. Many graphs, practical examples and checklists buyers, sellers and banks complete the comprehensive guide. You will also find a german-english definition list and a register.

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