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Katharina Beta

Katharina Beta was born in Berlin, studied medicine, is a mother of three sons, 1970 after a very severe car accident and a total amnesia her professional career ended. After long years of crisis and self-help she started to study history of Eastern cultures and the Russian language. Katharina Beta has been living in Austria since 1984 as self employed author, since 1985 in Vienna and is Austrian citizen since 1997.

She is member of the foundation pro oriente; is engaged in youth work. Many publications: presentations: Ikon worhship of the orthodox church (1986). A flame fills his heart (1987). The russian sole (1988). The cave monestary of Kiew as craddle of the Russian Monestary (1989). Painter Monch Andrej Rubljov (1993). Personal crisis, change of religion; letter to intelligent young people, a Triology, first book Janus (1995).

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