Success in international business isn't just about products, services, terms and delivery schedules. Success is also about people, traditions and relationships, the same factors that can make all the difference in the success of a non-business traveler's trip.

Passport to the World books are comprehensive guides to culture, etiquette and communication styles. Engagingly written by people who know the countries firsthand, Passports pinpoint cultural and economic trends and explain them within an historical context. Whether discussing nations that are in the process of rapid change (Israel, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Germany) or ones in which ancient traditions remain the most steadfast (India, China, Mexico, Philippines), Passports are an excellent pocket-sized resource.


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Passport to the World books will help you avoid cultural mistakes, learn about a country's values and beliefs, and develop a negotiating style appropriate to the setting. Passports are designed to be of interest to businesspeople, non-business travellers, educators, students, trade missions, embassies, multi-cultural international corporations and chambers of commerce in short, to anyone interacting with a culture other than their own.

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