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  • For kids from the age of 5 to 9 years
  • Multidisciplinary (natural science, language arts, basic skills)
  • Multilingual (German, French and English)


  • Life science, mathematics, social studies, reading, creative writing and art.
  • Developed by educators in accordance with elementary school science objectives.
  • Multilingual: German, French and English, voive and text switchable on the fly!
  • Randomness holds children’s interest and allows endless opportunities for learning.
  • Narrated or silent text for reading practice in three languages.
  • Realistic animations, interactive games, 3-D-graphics and virtual reality.
  • Original music from Latin America and real jungle sounds.
  • High printing quality allows children to keep and color their rainforest mementos.
  • Tips and infos for teachers and parents in the teacher and parent handbook!


Children can take a tour of the ground level, under-story and upper canopy of the rain forest by scrolling up and down the screen. A click of the mouse on any one of the 46 beautiful illustrated insects and animals calls up an information box. After selecting the camera icon, a click on the mouse "snaps" a shot of the animal and moves the image into the photo album.
Photo Album
A two-page spread that features the "shot" of the animal on the left and a blank journal page on the right. Here, children can create stories or keep a nature diary documenting their trek through the rain forest. A printing option allows children to keep and color copies of their rain forest mementos.
Seek and Sort
Children help Zurk operate a wondrous machine that classifies rain forest animals by categories. After identifying animals as either mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian or insect, children can graph and print the correctly classified animals with Zurk. In the Seek activity, children stretch their imagination and test their camouflage know-how by hiding animals among the colorful plants and terrain of the rain forest for friends to find.
Pattern Puzzles
Using multi-colored polygon puzzle pieces, children can learn introductory geometry by filling any one of 12 different puzzle templates. Children can also create their own designs or click on the light bulb icon for pattern suggestions. Special angle rotation options allow children to rotate pieces in varying degrees for a better fit or a new perspective. This activcity also includes a graphing capability that reinforces number grouping, shape concepts and abstract thinking.
Egg Hunt
Children can hunt for 12 randomly hidden eggs along with Nita, the animated cursor margay cub, and her spider monkey friend, Mico. As children move Nita through the rain forest, they practice multi-step problem solving skills and observe the animal behavior and habitats of up to 46 realistically animated animals.

System requirements: CD-ROM medium speed, Memory: 8 MB RAM, Operating System: Windows 3.1, Windows95, 486 or Pentium, Macintosh System 7.0 or Power Mac, Graphics: 256 colors, 640 x 480 resolution, Sound: Windows compatible sound card

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