Are you in a change process?
Are you planning to start something new?

Change and the integration of anything new is a timely process in which old and new are compaired, goals have to be adapted due to changing situations and depending on

  • if you are a company that starts something new, has a new innovation ready for the market, starts a new business unit, opens up new (export) markets, wants to enter the cyber business world or 
  • if you are an individual who is starting need tasks, awaits new challenges and wants to be ready and prepared for that

more or less complex questions will start appearing.

You need an external business consultant with lots of experience in confusing start-up situations who asks the right questions at the right moment.

The following list is not complete and does not want to be:

Where are my customers?
How can I support my customers (better) and which technology can I use for that?
What do my customers really need?
What are the needs of my customers?
Which cultures do my customers belong to?
Which language do they speak?
Which special characteristics do my customers have?
How can I reach my customers?
Is there a media that exactly targets the market I want to reach?
What do all my customers have in common?
What separates them?

Are there numbers and facts about this market?
Where can I find information?
How does the competition look like?
Is there any?
Are the substitute products that can be dangerous for my products?

How do I want to appear?
What do I want to transport?
Who am I for my customers?
What do I offer?

What should my website tell you?
What are the goals of my website?
Which areas of my company will have to be influenced by my web presence?
How intense do I want to use the technologies open today?

What are my goals?
What does success mean to me?
What does satisfaction mean to me?
What means to reach my goals do I want to use?
Is there a connection between my goals?
Do they contradict each other?
What effects does it have in other areas when I reach the goals?
What are the effects in the environment?
What do my goals depend on time?
What priorities do my goals have?

Why am I not satisfied?
What is missing? What do I have?
Why do I want to learn something new?
Can I integrate new knowledge into my daily work?
How can I transfer the feeling and intuition I have for my product into my company and market success of my company?
Do I have new ideas that I want to implement?
How and what is the risk?
What risks can I take?
How important is it for me to know all variables?
Can I deal with new ways of thinking and opinions?
Am I ready to change direction again after I realized that the one I am using is not working and just learn from that experience?
What is an innovation for me and/or my company?
What ressources can I use for reaching the goal? 

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