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My philosophy and how I work 


If you 

ask yourself the right questions
give analyses and intuition the right weight as well as
collect all the energy and intelligence of your employees and
let them work towards the strategic goal
right at the beginning of your project,

it may happen to you that your company is extraordinarily successful.

Goal: use your tool efficiently

After analysing the possibilities of your company and the development of possible development scenarios you decide which way to go and what this decision means for the overall development of your company. Like that all the necessary factors are taken into account in the implementation phase.

Goal: develop your company actively 

I am a very process-oriented person and experienced in coaching a development process from idea to reality. As a change agent and in the area of business development I support the establishment of new business areas, product innovation and the opening of new markets. 

It is my philosophy to work with experts with very deep but narrow knowledge for a specific task where I then support, control and manage the project as well as deliver additional information needed. This allows me to ask the critical questions and make all chances and risks of the project visibel for the decision-making person. In this manner the project is coordinated and controlled from a more objective point of view.

Through diverse projects and tasks I became experienced in many different industries where I still keep up to date about new developments. I am capable of learning about a company and its products and services, adapting to new situations and getting the key success factors for the task to be done very fast.

The client and decision-makers stays the ultimate expert for his/her products and services and his/her input is crucial for the project success.

Key tools and capabilities

  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Ability to identify soft and hard facts 
  • Focused search of information 
  • Art to ask the right questions


in the areas

  • Internet and its small and big implementation
  • technology and innovation
  • new markets - Export

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