The global marketplace offers terrific opportunities, but also formidable challenges. Doing business internationally is not necessarily more difficult, but it is certainly different. Understanding how things work is critical. The task of learning can be daunting. There is so much to know and so little time. Where do you go to get the specific information you need without being overwhelmed'?


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  • The Short Course in International Trade books are stand-alone training and reference texts that teach the key skills. Each "module" is designed as a practical guide with immediate application.
  • Short Course books are written from an international perspective for an international audience. Content focuses on the universal needs of all business people, regardless of whether they are a buyer or seller, or dealing in products or services. The books will be as useful to someone from Asia as for someone from Europe or the Americas.
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  • International buyers, sellers, investors, consultants and service providers
  • International attorneys
  • Public, corporate and university libraries
  • Participants in seminars on trade, law and contracts
  • Students of international trade



ISBN 1-885073-55-0

As international trade has grown, so too has the need to more formally define the obligations of each party to a transaction. Written contracts provide this framework and are becoming more and more common worldwide, replacing verbal "understandings." This book covers the underlying need for and use of contracts in international business. It provides specific information about writing basic and advanced contract provisions, the use of attorneys, enforcement. dispute resolution, arbitration and litigation. The book is written for the non-attorney, but is comprehensive enough to be used as a primer by the practicing international attorney.

  • Practical advice from an experienced attorney about how to draft international contracts.
  • Provides checklists for each party about what can go wrong and how to prevent problems before they happen.
  • Presents step-by-step contract provisions and an analysis of each contract clause.
  • Provides information about how legal systems worldwide view contracts, dispute resolution and arbitration.
  • Provides ten sample international sales contracts with an comments on how to customize each clause.
  • Provides a comprehensive legal glossary.

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ISBN 1-885073-51-8

Many business people are experts concerning their product or service, few take the time to learn basic negotiation skills. This book provides pragmatic, no holds-barred information and advice on how to negotiate international purchase, sale, investment and joint venture deals. Since the profitability of many transactions is won or lost at the negotiating table, this book is a simple investment with a huge potential return. A Short Course in International Business Negotiating features point-by-point coverage of key negotiating topics, including: selection of the chief negotiator and individual team members, sizing up your counterpart(s), individual and team negotiating styles, how to counter individual and team strategies, legal and illegal tactics, profiles of common negotiating tactics of 35 countries, and a glossary of negotiating terms.

  • Practical advice from a seasoned professional about how to succeed in international negotiations.
  • Handles "difficult" issues thought about by many, but discussed by few. For example: how racial and sexual biases effect international negotiations.
  • Describes personal and team negotiation strategies and counter strategies in detail.
  • Excellent for use as a "Short Course" in a university or professional seminar setting.
  • Contains negotiating profiles for 35 countries, a glossary and bibliography.

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ISBN 1-885073-52-6

Transform your export operation into a market-driven, profit-making enterprise by learning and employing international marketing methods and strategies used by successful companies worldwide. This book is a comprehensive primer for those new to international marketing and a handy reference for professionals who need to make certain they are taking advantage of every opportunity the marketplace provides.

  • Practical advice from a seasoned professional about how to succeed in international marketing.
  • Comprehensive coverage of all key issues in international marketing.
  • Contains pragmatic information on negotiating tactics and strategies for both individuals and teams.
  • Excellent for use as a "Short Course" in a university or professional seminar setting.
  • Written from an international perspective and for an international audience.

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ISBN 1-885073-50-X

If your international transactions involve the payment, receipt or transfer of money, this book will prove indispensable. International Payments is a comprehensive handbook and practical guide to understanding and using the four primary payment methods of international trade: documentary letters of credit, documentary collections, pre-payment and credit transactions. It is an excellent training tool for international traders, bankers, brokers and consultants.

  • Practical advice from a seasoned professional about how to make international payments.
  • Comprehensive coverage of all types of standard and special letters of credit.
  • Provides step-by-step instructions and well-designed illustrations for each step in the process.
  • Excellent for use as a "Short Course" in a university or professional seminar setting.
  • Contains a superb glossary of banking and trade terms.
  • Contains chapter on cyber payments on the Internet.

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ISBN 1-885073-53-4

As barriers to trade have fallen, world commerce has soared, and along with it an interest in understanding the principals of international economics. This book provides readers with a detailed description of the key concepts of international economics in a highly organized and easy to understand format.

A Short Course in International Economics features a series of descriptive essays on each of the major topics of international economics, including balance of trade, trade agreements, foreign exchange, currency devaluation vs. appreciation, free trade vs. protectionism, foreign investment, tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade, politics vs. economics, government intervention in free markets, and major economic systems.

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ISBN 1-885073-54-2

Cultural faux pas are just as likely to destroy a business opportunity as a second-rate product, high prices and poor service.

Understanding cultural differences and building relationships are critical in today's global market place. This book describes how to develop cultural awareness and avoid cultural faux pas.

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ISBN 1-885073-58-5

International trade has always held great opportunity for the entrepreneur with global vision. The business of international trade, however, also requires that the entrepreneur match his or her vision with solid skills for concluding transactions successfully. This book describes how entrepreneurs succeed in international trade by combining opportunity with solid skills.

The handbook for international entrepreneurs consists of two broad types of information:

  • information on how to think like an entrepreneur, how to identify opportunities, and how to structure entrepreneurial transactions and second
  • information on the key skills of international trade, including negotiating, contracts, importing, exporting, trade terms and payments. The book also features a comprehensive glossary of terms used in entrepreneurial trade.

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