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Mag. Jutta Jerlich
Being a creative person I develop ideas and concepts, select the required partners for the implementation and fucntion as a project leader (p
roject topics) for the client. 

I regard long term professional relationships as essential for successful business and maintain a strong international and knowledge diverse network of experts.


It is our aim to focus on continuous learning on the micro and macro economic level as well as for the benefit of each individual with our products and services.

The tasks of todays society characterized by growing complexity, new technologies implemented and always changing environments can only be solved by indisciplinary teams of experts with complementary know-how areas where the individual expert remains up to date in his particular field of knowledge any time Resources can only support detailed learning focused on single areas of interest. Customer support aims at creating high sales figures instead of creating a longterm relationship with the customer for the benefit of both parties involved.

The focus on single problem areas without taking the effects on the whole system into account results in negative effects for society.




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